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Manley Backbone Elco w/cables

Manley Backbone Elco w/cables

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Manley Backbone
Likely the only unit available in the United States.
Built in Chino California.
100% shape like new Manley mastering tool allows you to switch between EQs & compressor inserts at the press of button.
Mogami cable include with ELCO ends.
"I didn't know how  great this would be until I used it for a while in my mastering studio.

The best thing about the Backbone is being able to hear what the various gear does to the audio by simply pushing a button. Super fast to hear what the various EQ & compressors do to the sound of the music at a quick button press."

Completely a necessity in mastering!! There's plenty of Youtube videos complimenting this wonderful gizmo!


This unit has been loved & not used since 2018 when we closed mastering due a new landlord. 
I'm selling it due health problems. Manley gear is the best!

Here's our note from our use: 

Manley Backbone


1.  D/A convertor xlr Playback

2. CD player or xlr Playback input

3. Otari tape deck xlr Playback, etc


1. The analog mastered signal to the A/D converter

( TC Finalizer or Waves MAXXBCL were in an AES digital chain)

2. To Focusrite RED 4 monitor switcher and then to Genelec monitors

Elco to XLR connections snake
1. n/c
2 GML 9500 EQ
3. Manley Pultec EQP EQ
4. Manley Pultec MID EQ
5. Neve 33609 compressor
6. SSL G series compressor
7. Manley Vari mu compressor
8. GML 8900 compressor

How long are ELCO - xlr to/from?
3'    #2,3,4,8
8'    #5,6,7

Parts used for snake 
Mogami wire 2944A 26 gauge- Left red/ Right purple
2 male 56 pin elco connectors & Swithcraft xlr's

This is a must have for mastering!!



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