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Stereo Pair.
FYI Slight dust cap fingering dent on center of woofers as noted on photos.
Analog or AES Digital input
These were originally $1250 each speaker= $2498.
This pair selling at $1000 under cost.
This was our display set on the wall of studio monitors at SuperDigital in NW Portland. We were an authorized ProTools store.The store is gone now & engulfed by new condos.
Movies I took my Iphone recently show the speakers recently in test operation that I can send if requested.

Direct AES Digital input or regular analog that gets upconverted to 24/96 digital.
Made by the British PMC speaker company using Advanced Transmission Line Technology.
Somebody touched the centers of the woofer but everything Ive read on the web says “no problem” in affecting the sound. And you can pull them out with sticky tape as the technique on youtube shows.
We were an Authorized dealer (DigiDesign/AVID).
Hallowed Halls Studios uses DigiDesign monitors for their accuracy.
24/96 digital convertors built-into the monitors.
You put an AES digital cable straight into these speakers
• Active, bi-amped near field monitors
• Digital and analog inputs
• Proprietary drivers, digital electronics, power amp and cabinet engineering provide unrivalled tonal accuracy, clarity and dynamic range with exceptionally low distortion
• Onboard DSP:
• Manages the digital crossover, for clearer imaging
• Provides gain trim (sensitivity), low- and high-frequency adjustment and L/R channel assignment
• Provides Bass Port Emulation, an alternate listening mode in which the RMS speakers emulate the tonality of a ported bass reflex speaker
• Sound dispersion design maintains accurate frequency response even when listening in off-axis position.

The Digidesign RM1 are two-way (bi-amped) active reference monitors with innovations
in amplifier and crossover design and include PMC's ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology.
PMC has taken loudspeaker design to the highest level with the use of ATL (Advanced Transmission Line). These designs utilize sophisticated cabinets, proprietary drive units and special absorption materials.

How ATL Works
The main driver is placed at one end of a long tunnel (the transmission line), which is comprised of a series of internal baffles within the cabinet. The transmission line is lined with acoustic material that is designed to absorb the upper bass range that radiates from the rear of the main driver.
The lowest frequencies emerge from the large vent at the end of the tunnel, in phase with the main driver, extending its LF output. The pressure created within the line controls the main driver over a wide frequency range, dramatically reducing unnecessary excursions and the resulting distortion.
The mid range in turn appears cleaner and clearer as it is not masked by harmonic distortion residing in the very low frequencies.
This technology produces a higher SPL and lower bass extension than a ported or sealed cabinet of a similar size using identical drivers.
LF drive units are optimized for an ATL design.
1-inch, soft dome, ferro-fluid cooled HF driver.

Both HF and LF drive units are independently driven by separate low-distortion, analog-controlled "Class D" power amplifiers. This type of amplifier combines the efficiency and size advantages of a digital amplifier with the precision, control and sound quality of linear amplification.

DSP and Crossover
Within the RM series, the crossover function is handled by a digital 48-bit fixed-point processor.
The powerful DSP processing engine handles the audio signal in the digital domain for precise control and integration of the drive units along with the EQ parameters, Bass Port emulation and Left/Right channel selection.

Digital Clock
The analog input ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) is sampled at 96 kHz, 24 bits and is locked with a discrete low-noise clock oscillator.
We had this set available on the "speaker wall" in our dear departed pro audio showroom to listen to infrequently to compare to other studio monitors. No warranty. Minor wear.


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